Hello my beloved HEAL Community!

You might have noticed that HEAL Documentary has become HEAL with Kelly!

HEAL has grown beyond just the film. After the film’s immediate success, I was able to put all the experts' wisdom plus 40% more content than the film was able to hold into the HEAL book. And in order to continue the conversation with fresh content, I started the HEAL podcast, releasing a new episode every week to explore the science and spirituality behind the body's remarkable ability to HEAL. With over 70 episodes and millions of downloads, we are so grateful to be able to empower and inspire with ongoing expert knowledge and powerful, real-life healing stories.

HEAL with Kelly encompasses everything we are and everything we're becoming. As I explore my own healing journey, I am excited and honored to share all I discover with you so we can all HEAL together. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

~ Kelly