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Stage 4 Healing Via Dr Joe Super Genius Group


It was when I was diagnosed for the 3rd time in August last year that I had decided enough was enough. Something radical had to change and I had to change it. It was time to start healing with my heart and stop trying to heal with my head. It was then that I immersed myself into Dr Joe’s work - reading his books, meditating 2/3 times a day, listening to podcasts and I also signed up for a coherence healing.

It was after my very fist co-heal that I had an extremely profound experience - an incredible physical experience to a non physical thing. It left me feeling mystified but also confident that the cancer had “left the building”. That was in September 2020 and I had to wait until November to have more scans and a follow up appointment.

It was then that my oncologist announced that they could not detect any disease and all she could say was “I don’t understand”. The report used the word “resolved” which still makes me giggle to this day.

I subsequently had another bone scan, X-ray and sonar done 2 weeks ago with a follow up appointment. The tiny spot on my 4th anterior rib is even smaller than the previous 2 scans, is practically vanishing before their eyes and everything else is GONE! The voice in my head reassures me that the little spot is still reversing :D

Manu has sent all my scans and reports to Dr Joe for verification purposes and the video of my testimony was shared at his week long event in Cancun as well as Marco Island.

It makes me laugh so hard to think that thousands of people from all over the world have seen me with bed head, in my Wonder Woman pjs give this testimony LOL Thank you for taking the time to read and watch this. It is my goal to become of service now and to share my story and give others hope. If I can help change one more persons life and help them realize their powers, then all of this would have been worth it.

I feel so strongly that the worst thing that every happened to me has become the greatest thing that has ever happened for me! Have the most blessed day and thank you again for all of the phenomenal work you do. I watched your documentary some years ago and definitely feel like that was when my supernatural seed was planted.

In love, health and happiness always,
Monique Fleming

Received Heal After Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer


I thank the Universe for the HEAL documentary every day! Kelly sent me a copy of HEAL as soon as she heard I had been diagnosed with Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer.

HEAL sent me on an incredible healing journey that not only lead me to be cancer-free for almost 2 years now but also led me to a deeper understanding of myself, my own power to affect my healing, and ultimately an epiphany of how I want to reflect my learnings back to the world. HEAL helped guide me on this path with so many tools to work IN CONJUNCTION with my western medicine doctors that enhanced my healing process and protected my body from the tremendous stress that chemotherapy puts on the body. I feel that HEAL lit me up so I can now light the path for others that might be just starting down scary health challenges. I truly believe we are all here to light the path for others. Thank you Heal and Kelly Noonan Gores for everything you gave to me. So much love.

Told To Prepare To Spend The Rest Of My Life In A Wheelchair


I was at the top of my career as a social worker at the VA in December of 2006, when my life came to a screeching halt. I was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome and told to prepare to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.

As I did throughout my life when faced with challenges, I got still and asked for Divine Guidance. The answer came in the form of a poem, "Running the Race" followed by many many poems in which I imagined myself running (even though I had never run a day in my life), being healthy, whole and free, and healing my past through forgiveness and gratitude. I went through intensive outpatient rehab, harnessed the power of the mind/body connection through visualization and writing poetry, hired a personal trainer, and then, on April 20, 2009, crossed the finish line of the 2009 Boston Marathon.

I watched Heal which opened up another portal for healing on deeper levels from the effects of polio and trauma. At 66 years old, I feel healthier and more vibrant than I did 13 years ago when I had my wake up call.

After My 4th Tumor I Finally Saw Heal


The Heal Documentary has changed my life. I saw it for the first time after having my fourth tumor removed. I had just gotten home from the hospital the day before and could only get around with a wheelchair.

As I watched it, a switch flipped inside of me. For the first time in years, I realized the power the mind has to heal. While I do take care of myself and am on experimental immunotherapy, I dont think I would be here without the hope and change in attitude that Heal gave me.

I am living with an inoperable tumor in my heart. They sent me home to die on hospice. That was 3 months ago and I’m still here! Giving up is not an option but hope and positivity are. Thank you Kelly, Adam and Hay House. You have made such a difference in my life.

Beyond The Conventional – Theta Healing


The Heal Documentary helped me with my own cancer journey. It reinforced my beliefs that you need to use other methods besides conventional therapy.

My savior was theta healing. I visualized and manifested myself back to health. It was such a powerful experience that now I am also a theta healer. My mission is to help other cancer sufferers to heal themselves with the help of theta healing on top of conventional healing.

Finally Got To The Root Emotions


In 2001 I was diagnosed with stage 3 vaginal cancer and immediate surgery was recommended as the doctor said my life was in grave danger. I wasn’t sure that surgery, and other treatments that could follow, was the best course of action for me.

So I prayed to God about my situation and asked for guidance on what was the best way for me to deal with it. I strongly believed in cause and effect so I was ‘curious’ to find out why I had cancer in the first place, and in the genital area. “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise L Hay was very helpful in understanding the body/mind/emotions connection. I also engaged in many alternative therapies when I was guided to do so. Because I had been attuned to Reiki, I was able to do healing on myself all the time as well.

After 4 months of following a holistic doctor’s recommendations for diet etc, the cancer had grown by 10-15% so in that moment I realized that I hadn’t found the root cause. During a healing session with a Reiki Master, I came to understand that I had been sexually abused when I was 5 but I had blocked this memory out. I was also given a name (via my intuition) of the perpetrator. I just knew it to be true and everything was starting to make sense to me. From that moment on, I concentrated on forgiving all who were involved and also any unhealthy sexual relationships I had engaged in during my life. Within a week the lesion had gone so the root cause had been identified and healed without the use of drugs or surgery. This whole experience took 6 months to complete. I truly believe that dis-ease, even cancer, can be created by repetitive thoughts and emotions like guilt, hurt, resentment, anger, shame and unworthiness. BUT we can also un-create anything and heal naturally, from the inside out, by asking the questions as all answers are within, then having the faith to follow the guidance. We are powerful beings!

Grateful For Heal



In 2013, at the age of 47, through a bone marrow biopsy, I was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia - part of the non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma family. The physician told me the disease was incurable, but treatable. Life expectancy was 5-7 years. Needless to say, I was shocked! I heard the word treatable and focused on my longevity not the statistics.


Overall, I was healthy when I received the diagnosis. What prompted initial medical attention was painful eosinophilic esophagitis which told me something was off with my immune system. I knew to persevere. I continued with my healthy lifestyle delaying treatment until 2019. My IGM ( a blood marker they used for progression) was increasing, causing anemia, drop in white count, bone pain and fatigue. The second bone marrow showed more disease progression than I physically exhibited, which was an affirmation that my positivity was making a difference in my health. I opted for traditional regiment of chemotherapy and immunotherapy for six months.


Succinctly, I did not achieve remission in 2019 as expected. IV immunotherapy continued in 2020 during a pandemic! After feeling the ill effects, in August 2020, I decided to incorporate holistic modalities such as meditation and pulsing into my daily routine. As I watched HEAL (several times I may add), I realized my personal power, the power we all have to overcome.


I started following Dr. Dispenza. During one of his talks about Quantum thinking, he advised to pray with gratitude for healing instead of asking to be healed. I AM HEALED! His insight was a total shift in my energy and mindset. My meditations became more “in tune.” Post immunotherapy (October), my IGM level was 3,113. Through my holistic healing techniques, my IGM level dropped to 1,438 in December!!! My hemoglobin is almost normal 11.9 (12 is low normal), white count and neutrophils are low normal!!! Kelly, your insightful documentary was a catalyst to opening a realm of healing and new human dimension! I am truly grateful for your genuine love for people and the transformation you are inspiring! God’s blessings and abundance to you!!!